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       globus_gssapi_error_api - Globus GSSAPI Error API.


       Error Construction
           Error Construction.
       Error Data Accessors and Modifiers
           Error Data Accessors and Modifiers.
       Error Handling Helpers
           Error Handling Helpers.

Detailed Description

       Globus GSSAPI Error API.

       These globus_error functions are motivated by the desire to provide a easier way of
       generating new error types, while at the same time preserving all features (e.g. memory
       management, chaining) of the current error handling framework. The functions in this API
       are auxiliary to the function in the Globus Generic Error API in the sense that they
       provide a wrapper for representing GSSAPI errors in terms of a globus_error_t.

       Any program that uses Globus GSSAPI Error functions must include the globus_error_gssapi.h


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