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       globus_i_ftp_client_cache_entry_t - URL caching support structure.


       #include <globus_i_ftp_client.h>

   Data Fields
       globus_url_t url
       globus_i_ftp_client_target_t * target

Detailed Description

       URL caching support structure.

       This structure is used to implement the cache of URLs. When a target is needed, the client
       library first checks the handle's cache. If the target associated with the url is
       available, and it matches the security attributes of the operation being performed, it
       will be used for the operation.

       The current implementation only allows for a URL to be cached only once per handle.

       The cache manipulations are done by the API functions globus_ftp_client_cache_url_state()
       and globus_ftp_client_flush_url_state(), and the internal functions
       globus_i_ftp_client_target_find() and globus_i_ftp_client_target_release().

Field Documentation

   globus_i_ftp_client_target_t* globus_i_ftp_client_cache_entry_t::target
       Target which matches that URL. If this is NULL, then the cache entry is empty.

   globus_url_t globus_i_ftp_client_cache_entry_t::url
       URL which the user has requested to be cached.


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