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       globus_libc.h - Thread-safe libc macros, function prototypes.


       #include 'globus_common_include.h'
       #include 'globus_thread.h'

       char * globus_libc_join (const char **array, int count)
       globus_result_t globus_libc_contact_string_to_ints (const char *contact_string, int *host,
           int *count, unsigned short *port)

Detailed Description

       Thread-safe libc macros, function prototypes.

Function Documentation

   globus_result_t globus_libc_contact_string_to_ints (const char * contact_string, int * host,
       int * count, unsigned short * port)
       convert a numeric contact string to an array of ints

       (port is optional and may be NULL. 0 will be passed back if no port is found) host needs
       to have room for at least 16 ints count will be passed back. 4 for ipv4, 16 for ipv6

   char* globus_libc_join (const char ** array, int count)
       create a new string from all of the strings in array

           array an array of strings to concatenate (null entries are skipped)
           count length of array


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