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       globus_list.h - Linked List.


   Data Structures
       struct globus_list
           List data type.

       typedef struct globus_list globus_list_t
           List data type.
       typedef int(* globus_list_pred_t) (void *datum, void *arg)
           List search predicate.
       typedef int(* globus_list_relation_t) (void *low_datum, void *high_datum, void
           Relation predicate.

       int globus_list_empty (globus_list_t *head)
           List empty predicate.
       void * globus_list_first (globus_list_t *head)
           Retrieve head datum.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_rest (globus_list_t *head)
           Get the remainder of the list.
       int globus_list_size (globus_list_t *head)
           Get the number of elements in a list.
       void * globus_list_replace_first (globus_list_t *head, void *datum)
           Replace first datum.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_search (globus_list_t *head, void *datum)
           Search a list for a datum.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_search_pred (globus_list_t *head, globus_list_pred_t
           predicate, void *pred_args)
           Search a list with a predicate.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_min (globus_list_t *head, globus_list_relation_t relation,
           void *relation_args)
           Find the minimum value of a list.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_sort (globus_list_t *head, globus_list_relation_t relation,
           void *relation_args)
           Sort a list.
       int globus_list_insert (globus_list_t *volatile *headp, void *datum)
           Insert an item in a list.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_cons (void *datum, globus_list_t *list)
           List constructor.
       globus_list_t * globus_list_copy (globus_list_t *head)
           Copy constructor.
       void * globus_list_remove (globus_list_t *volatile *headp, globus_list_t *entry)
           Remove a datum from a list.
       void globus_list_free (globus_list_t *head)
           Free a list.

Detailed Description

       Linked List.


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