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       globus_net_manager_attr_s - Net Manager Attributes.


       #include <globus_net_manager_attr.h>

   Data Fields
       char * scope
       char * name
       char * value

Detailed Description

       Net Manager Attributes.

       The globus_net_manager_attr_t structure defines a scoped (attribute, value) tuple. The
       scope in most cases is either the name of the transport driver or the 'globus_net_manager'
       scope, for attributes specific to the network manager implementation.

Field Documentation

   char* globus_net_manager_attr_s::name
       Name of the attribute

   char* globus_net_manager_attr_s::scope
       Scope of the attribute

   char* globus_net_manager_attr_s::value
       Value of the attribute


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