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       globus_rsl_list - List Functions.


       globus_list_t * globus_list_copy_reverse (globus_list_t *orig)
           Create a reverse-order copy of a list.

Detailed Description

       List Functions.

Function Documentation

   globus_list_t* globus_list_copy_reverse (globus_list_t * orig)
       Create a reverse-order copy of a list. The globus_list_copy_reverse() function creates and
       returns a copy of its input parameter, with the order of the list elements reversed. This
       copy is a shallow copy of list nodes, so both the list pointed to by orig and the returned
       list point to the same list element data.

           orig A pointer to the list to copy.

           Upon success, globus_list_copy_reverse() returns a new list containing the same
           elements as the list pointed to by orig in reverse order. If an error occurs,
           globus_list_copy_reverse() returns NULL.


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