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       globus_xio_http_driver_server - Server.


Detailed Description


       The globus_xio_server_create() causes a new transport-specific listener socket to be
       created to handle new HTTP connections. globus_xio_server_register_accept() will accept a
       new connection for processing. globus_xio_server_register_close() cleans up the internal
       resources associated with the http server and calls close on the listener.

       Multiple HTTP requests may be read in sequence from an HTTP server. After each request is
       processed and the response is sent (either by writing the entire entity body as specified
       by the Content-Length header or by using the GLOBUS_XIO_HTTP_HANDLE_SET_END_OF_ENTITY
       handle cntl), the next read will contain the metadata related to the next operation. Only
       one request will be in process at once--the previous request must have sent or received
       and EOF (whichever is applicable to the request type).


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