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       globus_xio_mode_e_driver_instance - Opening/Closing.


Detailed Description


       An XIO handle with the mode_e driver can be created with either globus_xio_handle_create()
       or globus_xio_server_register_accept().

       If the handle is created with globus_xio_handle_create(), the contact string passed to ref
       globus_xio_register_open() call must contain a host name and service/port. The number of
       streams required can be specified on the attr using GLOBUS_XIO_MODE_E_SET_NUM_STREAMS
       (default is one stream). The stack of drivers to be used on the streams can be specified
       on the attr using GLOBUS_XIO_MODE_E_SET_STACK (default is a stack containing TCP driver).

       When the XIO handle is closed, the mode_e driver will destroy its internal resources and
       close the stream(s).


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