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       globus_xio_udp_driver_instance - Opening/Closing.


Detailed Description


       An XIO handle with the udp driver can be created with globus_xio_handle_create().

       The handle can be created in two modes: open server or connected client. If the contact
       string does not have a host and port, the udp socket will accept messages from any sender.
       If a host and port is specified, the udp socket will be 'connected' immediately to that
       host:port. This blocks packets from any sender other than the contact string. A handle
       that starts out as an open server can later be 'connected' with GLOBUS_XIO_UDP_CONNECT
       (presumably after the first message is received from a sender and his contact info is

       When the XIO handle is closed, the udp driver will destroy its internal resources and
       close the socket (unless this socket was set on the attr to globus_xio_register_open()).


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