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       gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_function2 - API function


       #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

       int  gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_function2(gnutls_certificate_credentials_t
       sc, unsigned idx, gnutls_status_request_ocsp_func ocsp_func, void * ptr);


       gnutls_certificate_credentials_t sc
                   is a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t type.

       unsigned idx
                   is a certificate index as returned by gnutls_certificate_set_key() and friends

       gnutls_status_request_ocsp_func ocsp_func
                   function pointer to OCSP status request callback.

       void * ptr  opaque pointer passed to callback function


       This function is to be used by server to  register  a  callback  to  provide  OCSP  status
       requests  that  correspond to the indexed certificate chain from the client.  The callback
       will be invoked if the client supplied a status-request OCSP extension.

       The callback function prototype is:

       typedef  int  (*gnutls_status_request_ocsp_func)  (gnutls_session_t  session,  void  *ptr,
       gnutls_datum_t *ocsp_response);

       The  callback  will  be  invoked  if  the client requests an OCSP certificate status.  The
       callback may return GNUTLS_E_NO_CERTIFICATE_STATUS, if there is no recent  OCSP  response.
       If  the callback returns GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS, it is expected to have the  ocsp_response field
       set with a valid (DER-encoded) OCSP response. The response must be a value allocated using
       gnutls_malloc(), and will be deinitialized by the caller.


       the ability to set multiple OCSP responses per credential structure via the index  idx was
       added  in  version  3.5.6.  To   keep   backwards   compatibility,   it   requires   using
       gnutls_certificate_set_flags()  with  the  GNUTLS_CERTIFICATE_API_V2  flag to make the set
       certificate functions return an index usable by this function.


       On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS (0) is returned, otherwise a negative error code is returned.




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