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       static const char * hwloc_obj_get_info_by_name (hwloc_obj_t obj, const char *name)
       void hwloc_obj_add_info (hwloc_obj_t obj, const char *name, const char *value)

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   void hwloc_obj_add_info (hwloc_obj_t obj, const char * name, const char * value)
       Add the given info name and value pair to the given object. The info is appended to the
       existing info array even if another key with the same name already exists.

       The input strings are copied before being added in the object infos.

           This function may be used to enforce object colors in the lstopo graphical output by
           using 'lstopoStyle' as a name and 'Background=#rrggbb' as a value. See CUSTOM COLORS
           in the lstopo(1) manpage for details.

           If value contains some non-printable characters, they will be dropped when exporting
           to XML, see hwloc_topology_export_xml().

   static const char* hwloc_obj_get_info_by_name (hwloc_obj_t obj, const char * name) [inline],
       Search the given key name in object infos and return the corresponding value. If multiple
       keys match the given name, only the first one is returned.

           NULL if no such key exists.


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