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       itcl::component - define components for extendedclass, widget or widgetadaptor

       Parts  of  this description are "borrowed" from Tcl extension [snit], as the functionality
       is mostly identical.


       This is new functionality in [incr Tcl] where the API can still change!!


       public component comp ?-inherit?
       protected component comp ?-inherit?
       private component comp ?-inherit?


       The component command is  used  inside  an  [incr Tcl]  extendedclass/widget/widgetadaptor
       definition to define components.

       Explicitly  declares  a  component  called comp, and automatically defines the component's
       instance variable.

       If the -inherit option is specified then all unknown methods and options will be delegated
       to this component. The name -inherit implies that instances of this new type inherit, in a
       sense, the methods and options of the component. That is, -inherit yes is equivalent to:

              component mycomp
              delegate option * to mycomp
              delegate method * to mycomp


       component, widget, widgetadaptor, extendedclass