Provided by: libssh2-1-dev_1.8.0-2.1build1_amd64 bug


       libssh2_knownhost_add - add a known host


       #include <libssh2.h>

       int libssh2_knownhost_addc(LIBSSH2_KNOWNHOSTS *hosts,
                                  char *host, char *salt,
                                  char *key, size_t keylen,
                                  const char *comment, size_t commentlen,
                                  int typemask,
                                  struct libssh2_knownhost **store);


       Adds a known host to the collection of known hosts identified by the 'hosts' handle.

       host  is  a  pointer the host name in plain text or hashed. If hashed, it must be provided
       base64 encoded. The host name can be the IP numerical address of  the  host  or  the  full

       If  you  want to add a key for a specific port number for the given host, you must provide
       the host name like '[host]:port' with the actual characters '[' and ']' enclosing the host
       name   and  a  colon  separating  the  host  part  from  the  port  number.  For  example:

       salt is a pointer to the salt used for the host hashing, if the host is  provided  hashed.
       If  the  host is provided in plain text, salt has no meaning.  The salt has to be provided
       base64 encoded with a trailing zero byte.

       key is a pointer to the key for the given host.

       keylen is the total size in bytes of the key pointed to by the key argument

       comment is a pointer to a comment for the key.

       commentlen is the total size in bytes of the comment pointed to by the comment argument

       typemask is a bitmask that specifies format  and  info  about  the  data  passed  to  this
       function.  Specifically,  it  details what format the host name is, what format the key is
       and what key type it is.

       The host name is given  as  one  of  the  following  types:  LIBSSH2_KNOWNHOST_TYPE_PLAIN,

       The  key  is encoded using one of the following encodings: LIBSSH2_KNOWNHOST_KEYENC_RAW or

       The   key   is   using    one    of    these    algorithms:    LIBSSH2_KNOWNHOST_KEY_RSA1,

       store  should point to a pointer that gets filled in to point to the known host data after
       the addition. NULL can be passed if you don't care about this pointer.


       Returns a regular libssh2 error  code,  where  negative  values  are  error  codes  and  0
       indicates success.


       Added in libssh2 1.2.5


       libssh2_knownhost_init(3) libssh2_knownhost_free(3) libssh2_knownhost_check(3)