Provided by: lua-uri_0.1+20130926+git14fa255d-1_amd64 bug


       lua-uri-rtsp - RTSP URI support for Lua URI library


       The classes "uri.rtsp" and "uri.rtspu" are used for URIs with the "rtsp" and "rtspu"
       schemes respectively.  "uri.rtsp" inherits from the uri.http class, and "uri.rtspu"
       inherits from "uri.rtsp".

       There is no special validation or normalization applied to these URIs beyond that done for
       HTTP URIs.

       The default port for both schemes is 554.

       There are no extra methods defined for telnet URIs, only those described in lua-uri(3).


       This class is based on "RFC 2326 section 3.2".