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       mdraw_per_char_extents - Obtain per character dimension information.


       void mdraw_per_char_extents (MFrame * frame, MText * mt, MDrawMetric * array_return,
       MDrawMetric * overall_return)


       Obtain per character dimension information. The mdraw_per_char_extents() function computes
       the text dimension of each character in M-text mt.  The faces given as text properties in
       mt and the default face of frame frame determine the fonts to draw the text. Each
       successive element in array_return is set to the drawn metrics of successive characters,
       which is relative to the origin of the drawing, and a rectangle for each character in mt.
       The number of elements of array_return must be equal to or greater than the number of
       characters in mt.

       If pointer overall_return is not NULL, this function also computes the extents of the
       overall text and stores the results in the members of the structure pointed to by


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