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       megaco_codec_mstone2  -  This  module  implements  a simple megaco codec-based performance


       This module implements the mstone2 tool, a simple megaco codec-based performance tool.

       The results, the mstone value(s), are written to stdout.

       Note that this module is not included in the runtime part of the application.


       start() -> void()
       start(MessagePackage) -> void()


                 MessagePackage = message_package()
                 message_package() = atom()

              This function starts the mstone2 performance test with all codec configs. Processes
              are created dynamically. Each process make one run through their messages (decoding
              and encoding messages) and then exits. When one process exits,  a  new  is  created
              with the same codec config and set of messages.

              The number of messages processed in total (for all processes) is the mstone value.