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       mflt_run - Layout characters with an FLT.


       int mflt_run (MFLTGlyphString * gstring, int from, int to, MFLTFont * font, MFLT * flt)


       Layout characters with an FLT. The mflt_run() function layouts characters in gstring
       between from (inclusive) and to (exclusive) with font.  If flt is nonzero, it is used for
       all the charaters. Otherwise, appropriate FLTs are automatically chosen.

       Return values:

           >=0 The operation was successful. The value is the index to the glyph, which was
           previously indexed by to, in gstring->glyphs.
           -2 gstring->glyphs is too short to store the result. The caller can call this fucntion
           again with a longer gstring->glyphs.
           -1 Some other error occurred.


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