Provided by: libmini18n-dev_0.2.1-1_amd64 bug


       mini18n - translates strings


       #include <mini18n.h>

       const char * mini18n(const char * source);

       const char * mini18n_with_conversion(const char * source, unsigned int format);


       mini18n()  searches  for  source  in  the  currently  loaded  translation  and returns the
       translated value if it's found.  In this case, the returned string  points  to  a  mini18n
       internal  buffer and thus should not be free()'d or modified in any way.  If source is not
       found or no translation is loaded, the source string is returned.

       mini18n_with_conversion() do the same as mini18n() but also converts the returned  to  the
       specified  format.   Another difference is that the returned string is always converted to
       the format.  For now the only possible value  of  format  is  MINI18N_UTF16  and  is  only
       implemented for the Windows operating system.


       The translated string if successul and the source string otherwise.