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       mongoc_collection_find_indexes_with_opts - mongoc_collection_find_indexes_with_opts()


          mongoc_cursor_t *
          mongoc_collection_find_indexes_with_opts (mongoc_collection_t *collection,
                                                    const bson_t *opts);

       Fetches a cursor containing documents, each corresponding to an index on this collection.


       · collection: A mongoc_collection_t.

       · opts: A bson_t containing additional options.

       opts may be NULL or a BSON document with additional command options:

       · sessionId:  First, construct a mongoc_client_session_t with mongoc_client_start_session.
         You can begin a  transaction  with  mongoc_client_session_start_transaction,  optionally
         with  a  mongoc_transaction_opt_t  that overrides the options inherited from collection,
         and use mongoc_client_session_append to add the session to opts. See  the  example  code
         for mongoc_client_session_t.

       · serverId:  To target a specific server, include an int32 "serverId" field. Obtain the id
         by calling mongoc_client_select_server, then mongoc_server_description_id on its  return


       Use mongoc_cursor_error on the returned cursor to check for errors.


       A  cursor where each result corresponds to the server's representation of an index on this
       collection. If the collection does not exist on the server, the cursor will be empty.

       The   cursor   functions   mongoc_cursor_set_limit,   mongoc_cursor_set_batch_size,    and
       mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms have no use on the returned cursor.


       MongoDB, Inc


       2017-present, MongoDB, Inc

1.15.0                                     Aug 13, 201MONGOC_COLLECTION_FIND_INDEXES_WITH_OPTS(3)