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       mongoc_version - Version Checks

       Conditional compilation based on mongoc version


       The  following  preprocessor  macros  can  be  used to perform various checks based on the
       version of the library you are compiling against.  This may be useful if you only want  to
       enable a feature on a certain version of the library.

          #include <mongoc/mongoc.h>

          #define MONGOC_MAJOR_VERSION (x)
          #define MONGOC_MINOR_VERSION (y)
          #define MONGOC_MICRO_VERSION (z)
          #define MONGOC_VERSION_S     "x.y.z"
          #define MONGOC_VERSION_HEX   ((1 << 24) | (0 << 16) | (0 << 8) | 0)
          #define MONGOC_CHECK_VERSION(major, minor, micro)

       Only compile a block on MongoDB C Driver 1.1.0 and newer.

          #if MONGOC_CHECK_VERSION(1, 1, 0)
          static void
          do_something (void)


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