Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-3_amd64 bug


       mphdebug - physical data structure contents debug function


       #include "mph.h"
       void mphdebug(headpointer, structurename)
       void ∗headpointer;
       char ∗structurename;


       headpointer         Pointer to a structure to be displayed

       structurename       Name of the structure to be explored


       mphdebug  allows a user interactive visualisation of the internal contents of the physical
       view of mbk.
       Through the use of a small, but  convenient,  textual  user  interface,  a  step  by  step
       exploration  of  each  fields  of  the  data structure is made available.  However, if the
       structure is big, it may be painful to use.
       First of all, the contents of the expected struture is displayed, with its fields named as
       they  appear  in  the appropriate header file.  Then the user is prompted by a `>>' for an
       The input may be either a field name, or a predefined symbol.  Field names are to be typed
       the way they are displayed.  Predefined symbols are:

       _exit               that quit the current debugging session.

       _up                 that comes back to the previous structure.

       _top                returns to the root of the function invocation.

       _stop               puts  kind of a tag at the current position in the structure.  It will
                           be available later on to return to this position.

       _back               returns to the previous _stop position.

       The debugger functions are easy to understand, so just try it!


       #include "mph.h"
       void scan_na2_y()
          getphfig("na2_y", 'A');
          mphdebug(HEAD_PHFIG, "phfig");


       mbk(1), phfig(3), phcon(3), phins(3), phvia(3), phref(3), mlodebug(3).