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       mplist_put - Set the value of a property in a property list.


       MPlist* mplist_put (MPlist * plist, MSymbol key, void * val)


       Set the value of a property in a property list. The mplist_put() function searches
       property list plist from the beginning for a property whose key is key.  If such a
       property is found, its value is changed to value.  Otherwise, a new property whose key is
       key and value is value is appended at the end of plist.  See the documentation of
       mplist_add() for the restriction on key and val.

       If key is a managing key, val must be a managed object. In this case, the reference count
       of the old value, if not NULL, is decremented by one, and that of val is incremented by


           If the operation was successful, mplist_put() returns a sublist of plist whose first
           element is the just modified or added one. Otherwise, it returns NULL.


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