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       mtext_case_compare - Compare specified regions of two M-texts ignoring cases.


       int mtext_case_compare (MText * mt1, int from1, int to1, MText * mt2, int from2, int to2)


       Compare specified regions of two M-texts ignoring cases. The mtext_case_compare() function
       compares two M-texts mt1 and mt2, character-by-character, ignoring cases. The compared
       regions are between from1 and to1 in mt1 and from2 to to2 in MT2.  from1 and from2 are
       inclusive, to1 and to2 are exclusive.  from1 being equal to to1 (or from2 being equal to
       to2) means an M-text of length zero. An invalid region specification is regarded as both
       from1 and to1 (or from2 and to2) being 0.


           This function returns 1, 0, or -1 if mt1 is found greater than, equal to, or less than
           mt2, respectively. Comparison is based on character codes.


           mtext_cmp(), mtext_ncmp(), mtext_casecmp(), mtext_ncasecmp(), mtext_compare()


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