Provided by: libopendbx1-dev_1.4.6-13build3_amd64 bug


       odbx_capabilities - Query implemented capabilities


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       int odbx_capabilities (odbx_t* handle, unsigned int cap);


       odbx_capabilities()  ask  the  backend  associated  to  the  connection object returned by
       odbx_init() if a certain capability set is implemented by this backend. All backends  have
       to implement the basic capability set and may implement further predefined functional sets
       if they are supported by the native database client library. This function can  be  called
       at any stage after odbx_init() returned successfully.

       The  first  parameter  handle  has  to  be  the  connection object created and returned by
       odbx_init(). It  becomes  invalid  as  soon  as  it  was  supplied  to  odbx_finish()  and
       odbx_capabilities() will return an error in this case.

       cap  is  the  number  of the capability set as defined by macro constants in odbx.h. Valid
       constant names which can be supplied as second parameter to odbx_capabilities() are listed

              The  core function set which have to be implemented by all backends. It consists of
              all functions necessary to connect to, send textual queries to and  process  simple
              results returned from the database server as well as error handling functions.


       odbx_capabilities()   returns  ODBX_ENABLE  if  the  requested  capability  is  supported,
       ODBX_DISABLE if the capability is not supported or an error code whose value is less  than
       zero  if one of the supplied parameters is invalid. Possible error codes are listed in the
       error section and they can be feed to odbx_error() and odbx_error_type()  to  get  further


              handle is NULL or the supplied connection object is invalid


       odbx_error(), odbx_error_type(), odbx_init()

                                          12 August 2019                     odbx_capabilities(3)