Provided by: libopendbx1-dev_1.4.6-13build3_amd64 bug


       odbx_finish - Frees connection resources


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       int odbx_finish (odbx_t* handle);


       odbx_finish()  is  responsible  for  freeing  all  resources  allocated by odbx_init() and
       finally may shut down the connection to the database server. It must not be invoked before
       calling  odbx_unbind() to avoid memory leaks and open connection descriptors on the client
       and server side which may block necessary resources later on.

       The handle parameter has to be the connection object created and returned by  odbx_init().
       It  becomes  invalid  after  it  was  supplied to odbx_finish() for the first time and the
       function will return an error for all further invocations.


       odbx_finish() returns ODBX_ERR_SUCCESS, or an error code whose value is less than zero  if
       handle  is  invalid  or  one  of  the operations couldn't be completed successfully by the
       backend module. Possible error codes are listed in the error section and they can be  feed
       to odbx_error() and odbx_error_type() to get further details.


              handle is NULL or the supplied connection object is invalid


       odbx_error(), odbx_error_type(), odbx_init(), odbx_unbind()

                                          12 August 2019                           odbx_finish(3)