Provided by: libopendbx1-dev_1.4.6-13build3_amd64 bug


       odbx_result_finish,  odbx_result_free  -  Closes  the  result  set and frees its allocated


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       int odbx_result_finish (odbx_result_t* result);

       void odbx_result_free (odbx_result_t* result);


       odbx_result_finish() closes the result set which may also include dropping the non-fetched
       rows  sent  by the server. It releases all resources allocated by odbx_result() and by the
       native database library which are attached to result as  well  as  the  memory  the  first
       parameter  is  pointing to. Trying to free result manually using free() will create memory
       leaks because it contains more dynamically allocated structures and also the memory of the
       result  set  allocated by the native database library. odbx_result_finish() must be called
       even if the statement was not a SELECT-like statement which returned now rows as it may be
       necessary to commit the changes done by the statement.

       odbx_result_free() performs the same tasks as odbx_result_finish() but is unable to return
       an error if the task couln't be completed. It shouldn't be used in applications linking to
       the  OpenDBX  library  version 1.3.8 or later and it will be removed from the library at a
       later stage.

       result must be valid a result set created by  odbx_result()  which  is  returned  via  its
       second parameter. After feeding it to odbx_result_finish() it becomes invalid and must not
       be feed to it again. Otherwise a "double free"  may  occur  and  the  application  may  be


       odbx_result_finish()  returns  ODBX_ERR_SUCCESS, or an error code whose value is less than
       zero if one of the operations couldn't be completed successfully. Possible error codes are
       listed  in the error section and they can be feed to odbx_error() and odbx_error_type() to
       get further details.


              The native database library returned an error

              The result parameter is invalid



                                          12 August 2019                    odbx_result_finish(3)