Provided by: libopendbx1-dev_1.4.6-13build3_amd64 bug


       odbx_row_fetch - Retrieve rows from the result set


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       int odbx_row_fetch (odbx_result_t* result);


       Retrieves the values of a row from the current result set returned by odbx_result(). Until
       this function is invoked, no row and field data is available  via  odbx_field_length()  or
       odbx_field_value() and these functions will return zero respectively NULL.

       Moreover,  it  is  necessary  to  fetch  all rows from a result set until zero is returned
       indicating that no more rows are available. Otherwise - depending  on  the  backend  -  an
       error  may occur after calling odbx_result() the next time or the outstanding rows will be
       returned within the next result.

       odbx_row_fetch() requires a valid result object which was  created  by  odbx_result().  It
       must not have been feed to odbx_result_finish() before.


       odbx_row_fetch()  will  return  ODBX_ROW_NEXT ("1") as long as rows are available from the
       result set. After the last row has been made available, further  calls  to  this  function
       will  return ODBX_ROW_DONE ("0") indicating that the result set doesn't contain more rows.
       The named constants are available since OpenDBX 1.3.2 and the numbers in brackets have  to
       be used instead if a previous release is is the basis for the application development.

       In case of an error, values less than zero are returned encodeing the reason why the error


              The result parameter is either NULL or the object is invalid. This is  usually  the
              case if result has been already feed to odbx_result_finish().


       odbx_column_count(),       odbx_column_name(),      odbx_column_type(),      odbx_error(),
       odbx_error_type(), odbx_field_length(), odbx_field_value(), odbx_result()

                                          12 August 2019                        odbx_row_fetch(3)