Provided by: libopendbx1-dev_1.4.6-13build3_amd64 bug


       odbx_rows_affected - Returns the number of changed records


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       uint64_t odbx_rows_affected (odbx_result_t* result);


       Returns  the  number  of rows that have been changed by the current statement whose result
       set was retrieved by odbx_result(). Affected rows are only returned for DELETE, INSERT  or
       UPDATE  statements  and  their  concrete  number  depends  on the database implementation.
       Instead returning the number of rows which are matched by  the  WHERE  clause,  MySQL  for
       example does only count the rows whose values have really been changed.

       The  result  parameter  required  by  this function must be a valid result set returned by
       odbx_result() and must not has been feed to odbx_result_finish() before.


       odbx_rows_affected() returns the number of  changed  rows  on  success  and  zero  if  the
       database  server  didn't  alter any rows. A value of zero can be returned if the statement
       doesn't match any rows. Some database server like MySQL may return  a  lower  number  than
       expected because they doesn't modify records whose values wouldn't change.


       This function will also return zero if the result parameter is invalid.


       odbx_result(), odbx_result_finish()

                                          12 August 2019                    odbx_rows_affected(3)