Provided by: libopts25-dev_5.18.12-4build1_amd64 bug


       optionRestore - restore option state from memory copy


       #include <your-opts.h>
       cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

       void optionRestore(tOptions * pOpts);


       Copy  back  the  option  state from saved memory.  The allocated memory is left intact, so
       this routine can be called repeatedly without having to call  optionSaveState  again.   If
       you are restoring a state that was saved before the first call to optionProcess(3AO), then
       you may change the contents of the argc/argv parameters to optionProcess.

       pOpts  program options descriptor


       If you have not called optionSaveState before, a diagnostic is printed to stderr and  exit
       is called.


       The info documentation for the -lopts library.
       ao_string_tokenize(3),   configFileLoad(3),   optionFileLoad(3),   optionFindNextValue(3),
       optionFindValue(3),       optionFree(3),       optionGetValue(3),       optionLoadLine(3),
       optionMemberList(3),    optionNextValue(3),   optionOnlyUsage(3),   optionPrintVersion(3),
       optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3), optionProcess(3),  optionSaveFile(3),  optionSaveState(3),
       optionUnloadNested(3),   optionVersion(3),   strequate(3),   streqvcmp(3),   streqvmap(3),
       strneqvcmp(3), strtransform(3),

                                            2019-09-05                           optionRestore(3)