Provided by: liboping-dev_1.10.0-2.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ping_send - Send ICMP echo requests to all associated hosts and wait for ICMP echo
       responses to arrive


         #include <oping.h>

         int ping_send (pingobj_t *obj);


       The ping_send method is the actual workhorse of this library. It crafts ICMP packets for
       the hosts associated with obj and sends them via the corresponding sockets. It then waits
       for echo responses and receives them, writing latency information for each host. The
       method returns after all echo replies have been read or the timeout (set with
       ping_setopt(3)) is reached.

       After this function returns you will most likely iterate over all hosts using
       ping_iterator_get(3) and ping_iterator_next (described in the same manual page) and call
       ping_iterator_get_info(3) on each host.


       ping_send returns the number of echo replies received or a value less than zero if an
       error occurred. Use ping_get_error(3) to receive an error message.


       ping_construct(3), ping_setopt(3), ping_iterator_get(3), ping_iterator_get_info(3),
       ping_get_error(3), liboping(3)


       liboping is written by Florian "octo" Forster <ff at>.  Its homepage can be found
       at <>.

       Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Florian "octo" Forster.