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       smiGetIdentity,     smiGetFirstIdentity,     smiGetNextIdentity,     smiGetParentIdentity,
       smiGetIdentityModule - SMI identity information routines


       #include <smi.h>

       SmiIdentity *smiGetIdentity(SmiModule *smiModulePtr, char *name);

       SmiIdentity *smiGetFirstIdentity(SmiModule *smiModulePtr);

       SmiIdentity *smiGetNextIdentity(SmiIdentity *smiIdentityPtr);

       SmiIdentity *smiGetParentIdentity(SmiIdentity *smiIdentityPtr);

       SmiModule *smiGetIdentityModule(SmiType *smiIdentityPtr);

       typedef struct SmiIdentity {
           SmiIdentifier       name;
           SmiDecl             decl;
           SmiStatus           status;
           char                *description;
           char                *reference;
       } SmiIdentity;


       These functions retrieve information on a SMIng identity definition (SMIng).

       smiGetIdentity(SmiModule *smiModulePtr,char *name) returns a pointer to struct SmiIdentity
       for  the  identity  with  the given name in the given module(smiModulePtr), or NULL if the
       idenity with the given name does not exist

       smiGetFirstIdentity(SmiModule    *smiModulePtr)     and     smiGetNextIdentity(SmiIdentity
       *smiIdentityPtr)  are  used  to  iterate  through  the  identities  of the module given by
       smiModulePtr. They return a pointer to struct SmiIdentity hat represents  an  identity  or
       NULL if there are no identities left in the module, or error has occurred.

       smiGetIdentityModule(SmiIdentity  *smiIdentityPtr)  returns a pointer to struct SmiModule,
       of the module containing the given identity.

       smiGetParentIdentity(SmiIdentity *smiIdentityPtr) returns a pointer to struct  SmiIdentity
       pointing  to  the  parent  of  the  given  smiIdentityPtr,  or NULL if the Identity is not


       ${prefix}/include/smi.h    SMI library header file


       libsmi(3), smi_module(3), smi.h


       (C) 2007 Kaloyan Kanev, Jacobs University, Germany <>

                                        February 10, 2007                         smi_identity(3)