Provided by: libsmi2-dev_0.4.8+dfsg2-16_amd64 bug


       smiGetMacro,   smiGetFirstMacro,   smiGetNextMacro,  smiGetMacroModule  -  SMI  macro  and
       extension information routines


       #include <smi.h>

       SmiMacro *smiGetMacro(SmiModule *smiModulePtr, char *macro);

       SmiMacro *smiGetFirstMacro(SmiModule *smiModulePtr);

       SmiMacro *smiGetNextMacro(SmiMacro *smiMacroPtr);

       SmiModule *smiGetMacroModule(SmiMacro *smiMacroPtr);

       typedef struct SmiMacro {
           SmiIdentifier       name;
           SmiDecl             decl;
           SmiStatus           status;
           char                *description;
           char                *reference;
       } SmiMacro;


       These functions retrieve information on an extension statement  definition  (SMIng)  or  a
       macro (SMIv1/v2).

       The  smiGetMacro()  function  retrieves  a struct SmiMacro that represents an extension or
       macro definition. Macro may be either a fully qualified descriptor or a  simple  macro  or
       extension  name.   If  smiModulePtr  is  not NULL it used to limit the search to the given
       module. If the macro is not found, smiGetMacro() returns NULL.

       The smiGetFirstMacro() and smiGetNextMacro() functions are used  to  iteratively  retrieve
       struct  SmiMacros.   smiGetFirstMacro()  returns  the  first  one  defined  in  the module
       specified by smiModulePtr.  Subsequent calls to  smiGetNextMacro()  return  the  following
       ones.   If  there  are  no  more  extension  or  macro  definitions in the module, NULL is

       The smiGetMacroModule() function returns the module that defines the  macro  or  extension
       given by struct SmiMacroPtr.


       ${prefix}/include/smi.h    SMI library header file


       libsmi(3), smi_module(3), smi.h


       (C) 1999-2001 Frank Strauss, TU Braunschweig, Germany <>