Provided by: libsoldout-dev_1.4-2_amd64 bug


     soldout_renderers, lus_attr_escape, lus_body_escape — various markdown to HTML renderers for


     #include <renderers.h>

     lus_attr_escape(struct buf *ob, const char *str, size_t len);

     lus_body_escape(struct buf *ob, const char *str, size_t len);

     extern const struct mkd_renderer mkd_html;
     extern const struct mkd_renderer mkd_xhtml;
     extern const struct mkd_renderer discount_html;
     extern const struct mkd_renderer discount_xhtml;
     extern const struct mkd_renderer nat_html;
     extern const struct mkd_renderer nat_xhtml;


     The lus_attr_escape() and lus_body_escape() functions escape all problematic characters in
     (X)HTML: ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘&’, ‘"’; and ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘&’ respectively.  They accept a string str of
     the length len and output into ob buffer.

     All provided renderers come with two flavors, _html producing HTML code (self-closing tags
     are rendered like this: <hr>), and _xhtml producing XHTML code (self-closing tags like <hr

     mkd_html and mkd_xhtml implement standard markdown to (X)HTML translation without any

     discount_html and discount_xhtml implement on top of the standard markdown some of the
     extensions found in Discount and PHP-Markdown-like tables.  Here is a list of all extensions
     included in these renderers:

     ·  image size specification, by appending "=(width)x(height)" to the link

     ·  pseudo-protocols in links:

        ·  abbr:description for <abbr title="description">...</abbr>

        ·  class:name for <span class="name">...</span>

        ·  id:name for <span id="name">...</span>

        ·  raw:text for verbatim unprocessed text inclusion

     ·  class blocks: blockquotes beginning with %class% will be rendered as a div of the given

     nat_html and nat_xhtml implement on top of Discount extensions and Natasha's own extensions.
     Here is a list of these extensions:

     ·  id attribute for headers, using the syntax id#Header text

     ·  class attribute for paragraphs, by putting class name(s) between parenthesis at the very
        beginning of the paragraph

     ·  <ins> and <del> spans, using respectively ++ and -- as delimiters (with emphasis-like
        restrictions, i.e. an opening delimiter cannot be followed by a whitespace, and a closing
        delimiter cannot be preceded by a whitespace)

     ·  plain <span> without attribute, using emphasis-like delimiter |


     The lus_attr_escape() and lus_body_escape() functions do not return a value.


     soldout(3), soldout_buffer(3), soldout_markdown(3)


     The soldout library was written by Natasha "Kerensikova" Porte <>.
     Manual page was originally written by Massimo Manghi <>, and rewritten to
     mdoc format by Svyatoslav Mishyn <>.