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       std::experimental::filesystem::path - A filesystem path.


       Inherited by std::experimental::filesystem::path::_Cmpt.

       class iterator
           An iterator for the components of a path.

   Public Types
       typedef iterator const_iterator
       typedef std::basic_string< value_type > string_type
       typedef char value_type

   Public Member Functions
       path (const path &__p)=default
       path (path &&__p) noexcept
       path (string_type &&__source)
       template<typename _Source , typename _Require  = _Path<_Source>> path (_Source const
       template<typename _InputIterator , typename _Require  = _Path<_InputIterator,
           _InputIterator>> path (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last)
       template<typename _Source , typename _Require  = _Path<_Source>, typename _Require2  =
           __value_type_is_char<_Source>> path (_Source const &__source, const locale &__loc)
       template<typename _InputIterator , typename _Require  = _Path<_InputIterator,
           _InputIterator>, typename _Require2  = __value_type_is_char<_InputIterator>> path
           (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last, const locale &__loc)
       template<typename _Source > _Path< _Source > & append (_Source const &__source)
       template<typename _InputIterator > _Path< _InputIterator, _InputIterator > & append
           (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last)
       template<typename _Source > _Path< _Source > & assign (_Source const &__source)
       template<typename _InputIterator > _Path< _InputIterator, _InputIterator > & assign
           (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last)
       const value_type * c_str () const noexcept
       void clear () noexcept
       int compare (const path &__p) const noexcept
       template<typename _Source > _Path< _Source > & concat (_Source const &__x)
       template<typename _InputIterator > _Path< _InputIterator, _InputIterator > & concat
           (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last)
       bool empty () const noexcept
       bool has_filename () const
       bool has_parent_path () const
       bool has_relative_path () const
       bool has_root_directory () const
       bool has_root_name () const
       bool has_root_path () const
       bool is_absolute () const
       bool is_relative () const
       const string_type & native () const noexcept
       operator string_type () const
       template<typename _Source > _Path< _Source > & operator+= (_Source const &__x)
       path & operator/= (const path &__p)
       template<class _Source > _Path< _Source > & operator/= (_Source const &__source)
       path & operator= (const path &__p)=default
       template<typename _Source > _Path< _Source > & operator= (_Source const &__source)
       path parent_path () const
       path relative_path () const
       path & remove_filename ()
       path & replace_extension (const path &__replacement=path())
       path & replace_filename (const path &__replacement)
       path root_directory () const
       path root_name () const
       path root_path () const

           path & operator= (path &&__p) noexcept
           path & operator= (string_type &&__source)
           path & assign (string_type &&__source)
           path & operator+= (const path &__x)
           path & operator+= (const string_type &__x)
           path & operator+= (const value_type *__x)
           path & operator+= (value_type __x)
           path & operator+= (basic_string_view< value_type > __x)
           template<typename _CharT > _Path< _CharT *, _CharT * > & operator+= (_CharT __x)
           path & make_preferred ()
           void swap (path &__rhs) noexcept
           template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits  = std::char_traits<_CharT>, typename
               _Allocator  = std::allocator<_CharT>> std::basic_string< _CharT, _Traits,
               _Allocator > string (const _Allocator &__a=_Allocator()) const
           std::string string () const
           std::wstring wstring () const
           std::string u8string () const
           std::u16string u16string () const
           std::u32string u32string () const
           template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits  = std::char_traits<_CharT>, typename
               _Allocator  = std::allocator<_CharT>> std::basic_string< _CharT, _Traits,
               _Allocator > generic_string (const _Allocator &__a=_Allocator()) const
           std::string generic_string () const
           std::wstring generic_wstring () const
           std::string generic_u8string () const
           std::u16string generic_u16string () const
           std::u32string generic_u32string () const
           int compare (const string_type &__s) const
           int compare (const value_type *__s) const
           int compare (const basic_string_view< value_type > __s) const
           path filename () const
           path stem () const
           path extension () const
           bool has_stem () const
           bool has_extension () const
           iterator begin () const
           iterator end () const

   Static Public Attributes
       static constexpr value_type preferred_separator

Detailed Description

       A filesystem path.

       Definition at line 80 of file experimental/bits/fs_path.h.


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