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       std::logic_error - One of two subclasses of exception.


       Inherits std::exception.

       Inherited by __gnu_pbds::container_error, std::domain_error,
       std::experimental::fundamentals_v1::bad_optional_access, std::future_error,
       std::invalid_argument, std::length_error, and std::out_of_range.

   Public Member Functions
       logic_error (const string &__arg) _GLIBCXX_TXN_SAFE
       logic_error (const char *) _GLIBCXX_TXN_SAFE
       logic_error (logic_error &&) noexcept
       logic_error (const logic_error &)=default
       logic_error & operator= (logic_error &&) noexcept
       logic_error & operator= (const logic_error &)=default
       virtual const char * what () const _GLIBCXX_TXN_SAFE_DYN noexcept

Detailed Description

       One of two subclasses of exception.

       Logic errors represent problems in the internal logic of a program; in theory, these are
       preventable, and even detectable before the program runs (e.g., violations of class

       Definition at line 113 of file stdexcept.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   std::logic_error::logic_error (const string & __arg) [explicit]
       Takes a character string describing the error.

Member Function Documentation

   virtual const char* std::logic_error::what () const [virtual],  [noexcept]
       Returns a C-style character string describing the general cause of the current error (the
       same string passed to the ctor).

       Reimplemented from std::exception.

       Reimplemented in std::future_error.


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