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       std::type_info - Part of RTTI.


       Inherited by __cxxabiv1::__array_type_info, __cxxabiv1::__class_type_info,
       __cxxabiv1::__enum_type_info, __cxxabiv1::__function_type_info,
       __cxxabiv1::__fundamental_type_info, and __cxxabiv1::__pbase_type_info.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual ~type_info ()
       virtual bool __do_catch (const type_info *__thr_type, void **__thr_obj, unsigned __outer)
       virtual bool __do_upcast (const __cxxabiv1::__class_type_info *__target, void **__obj_ptr)
       virtual bool __is_function_p () const
       virtual bool __is_pointer_p () const
       bool before (const type_info &__arg) const noexcept
       size_t hash_code () const noexcept
       const char * name () const noexcept
       bool operator!= (const type_info &__arg) const noexcept
       bool operator== (const type_info &__arg) const noexcept

   Protected Member Functions
       type_info (const char *__n)

   Protected Attributes
       const char * __name

Detailed Description

       Part of RTTI.

       The type_info class describes type information generated by an implementation.

       Definition at line 88 of file typeinfo.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   virtual std::type_info::~type_info () [virtual]
       Destructor first. Being the first non-inline virtual function, this controls in which
       translation unit the vtable is emitted. The compiler makes use of that information to know
       where to emit the runtime-mandated type_info structures in the new-abi.

Member Function Documentation

   const char* std::type_info::name () const [inline],  [noexcept]
       Returns an implementation-defined byte string; this is not portable between compilers!

       Definition at line 99 of file typeinfo.


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