Provided by: libtickit-dev_0.2-5_amd64 bug


       tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8, tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_rgb8, tickit_pen_has_attr_rgb8
       - manipulate a secondary RGB8 colour pen colour attribute


       #include <tickit.h>

       typedef struct {
           uint8_t r;
           uint8_t g;
           uint8_t b;
       } TickitPenRGB8;

       TickitPenRGB8 tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8(const TickitPen *pen,
           TickitPenAttr attr);
       void tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_rgb8(TickitPen *pen,
           TickitPenAttr attr, TickitPenRGB8 value);

       bool tickit_pen_has_attr_rgb8(const TickitPen *pen,
           TickitPenAttr attr);

       Link with -ltickit.


       tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8() returns the current secondary RGB8 value  of  the  given
       colour attribute. If the attribute is not defined or does not have a secondary RGB8 value,
       the return value is not specified.

       tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_rgb8() provides a new value for the secondary RGB8 value of the
       given  colour  attribute  on  the  pen.  This will only be stored if the pen already has a
       (primary)  index  value  set  for  the  corresponding  attribute.  It  will   invoke   the
       TICKIT_EV_CHANGE event on the pen instance if it successfully stores the value.

       tickit_pen_has_colour_attr_rgb8()  returns  true  if  the  pen instance currently stores a
       secondary RGB8 value for the given colour attribute.


       A pen instance will only store a secondary RGB8 value if a primary index value is  already
       set.   Additionally,   calling  tickit_pen_set_colour_attr(3)  will  clear  an  associated
       secondary RGB8 value. This design aims to encourage that any use of an  RGB8  colour  also
       has an index as well, to support the majority of terminals which do not in fact understand
       RGB8 values. It is recommended that applications wishing  to  make  use  of  these  values
       should set both at the same time, in sequence.

         tickit_pen_set_colour_attr(pen, index);
             (TickitPenRGB8){.r = red, .g = green, .b = blue});


       tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8()   returns   a   three-field   colour   value  structure.
       tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_rgb8()  returns  no  value.   tickit_pen_has_colour_attr_rgb8()
       returns a boolean.


       tickit_pen_new(3), tickit_pen_set_colour_attr(3), tickit_pen_clear_attr(3), tickit_pen(7),