Provided by: libtickit-dev_0.2-5_amd64 bug


       tickit_term_await_started_* - wait until the terminal is initialised


       #include <tickit.h>

       void tickit_term_await_started_msec(TickitTerm *tt, longmsec);
       void tickit_term_await_started_tv(TickitTerm *tt, const struct timeval *timeout);

       Link with -ltickit.


       The  tickit_term_await_started_*()  family  of  functions  wait  until the terminal driver
       announces it has completed setting up the terminal, and  it  is  ready  to  be  used.  The
       timeout  specifies the maximum time to wait; the function will return after this time even
       if the terminal is not ready yet. One of  these  functions  should  be  called  after  the
       relevant input and output methods have been set on the terminal instance.

       The  functions  differ  in  how the timeout is specified. tickit_term_await_started_msec()
       takes  a  time  as  an   integer   in   miliseconds,   or   -1   to   wait   indefinitely.
       tickit_term_await_started_tv()  takes  a  time  as  a  struct  timeval,  or  NULL  to wait

       Under most terminal drivers it is not strictly required that  it  be  completely  prepared
       before  it  is  used,  as  preparation  consists  mainly of detecting optionally-supported
       features the terminal may have. If  the  application  starts  outputting  before  this  is
       finished,  it  simply may not make use of some features, or not detect or report that some
       features are present.


       tickit_term_await_started_msec() and tickit_term_await_started_tv() return no value.


       tickit_term_new(3),     tickit_term_set_output_func(3),      tickit_term_set_output_fd(3),
       tickit_term(7), tickit(7)