Provided by: libtickit-dev_0.2-5_amd64 bug


       tickit_term_erasech - erase characters from the terminal


       #include <tickit.h>

       void tickit_term_erasech(TickitTerm *tt, int count, TickitMaybeBool moveend);

       Link with -ltickit.


       tickit_term_erasech()  erases  count  character  cells  forward  from  the  current cursor
       location, using the current pen background colour.

       Some terminals cannot erase  using  the  background  colour,  so  this  operation  may  be
       implemented  by printing spaces on such terminals. This will move the cursor to the end of
       the erased region. Other terminals that do erase with  background  colour  can  be  erased
       without  moving  the  cursor.  The  moveend parameter controls the behaviour of the cursor
       location when this function returns. If set to TICKIT_YES, the cursor will be moved to the
       end  of  the erased region if required. If set to TICKIT_NO, the cursor will be moved back
       to its original location if required. If set to  TICKIT_MAYBE,  this  function  will  take
       whichever behaviour is more optimal on the given terminal.


       tickit_term_erasech() returns no value.


       tickit_term_new(3),      tickit_term_set_output_fd(3),     tickit_term_set_output_func(3),
       tickit_term_goto(3),  tickit_term_print(3),  tickit_term_setpen(3),  tickit_term_chpen(3),
       tickit_term(7), tickit(7)