Provided by: libtickit-dev_0.2-5_amd64 bug


       tickit_window_new_root - create a new toplevel root window


       #include <tickit.h>

       TickitWindow *tickit_window_new_root(TickitTerm *term);

       Link with -ltickit.


       This  function  is  deprecated and should not be used in new programs. Instead, obtain the
       root window from the toplevel Tickit instance by calling tickit_get_rootwin(3).


       tickit_window_new_root() creates a new toplevel TickitWindow  instance  to  represent  the
       drawing area on the given terminal instance. The terminal instance is stored by the window
       itself, and is used for flushing the TickitRenderBuffer to when expose events  occur.  The
       root  window  will  increase  the  reference  count  of  its backing terminal by one; this
       reference will be dropped when the window is destroyed.

       The root window behaves  similar  to  other  windows  within  the  application,  with  the
       following differences:

       *      Its position remains fixed at zero, and should not be set by the application.

       *      Its  size  is  managed automatically by observing resize events from the underlying
              terminal instance, and should not be set by the application.

       *      It is initially fully-damaged after construction, and will have  a  pending  expose
              event waiting to occur.


       If successful, tickit_window_new_root() returns a pointer to the new instance.


       tickit_window_new(3),        tickit_window_get_term(3),       tickit_window_bind_event(3),
       tickit_window_expose(3), tickit_window(7), tickit(7)