Provided by: libczmq-dev_4.2.0-2_amd64 bug


       zhttp_client - Class for provides a simple http client


       //  This is a draft class, and may change without notice. It is disabled in
       //  stable builds by default. If you use this in applications, please ask
       //  for it to be pushed to stable state. Use --enable-drafts to enable.
       #ifdef CZMQ_BUILD_DRAFT_API
       //  *** Draft method, for development use, may change without warning ***
       //  Create a new http client
       CZMQ_EXPORT zhttp_client_t *
           zhttp_client_new (bool verbose);

       //  *** Draft method, for development use, may change without warning ***
       //  Destroy an http client
       CZMQ_EXPORT void
           zhttp_client_destroy (zhttp_client_t **self_p);

       //  *** Draft method, for development use, may change without warning ***
       //  Self test of this class.
       CZMQ_EXPORT void
           zhttp_client_test (bool verbose);

       #endif // CZMQ_BUILD_DRAFT_API
       Please add '@interface' section in './../src/zhttp_client.c'.


       zhttp_client - provides a simple http client

       Please add @discuss section in ./../src/zhttp_client.c.


       From zhttp_client_test method.

           zhttp_client_t *self = zhttp_client_new (verbose);
           assert (self);

           zhttp_request_t* request = zhttp_request_new ();
           zhttp_request_set_url (request, url);
           zhttp_request_set_method (request, "GET");
           int rc = zhttp_request_send (request, self, /*timeout*/ 10000, /* user args*/ NULL, NULL);
           assert (rc == 0);

           void *user_arg;
           void *user_arg2;
           zhttp_response_t* response = zhttp_response_new ();
           rc = zhttp_response_recv (response, self, &user_arg, &user_arg2);
           assert (rc == 0);
           assert (streq (zhttp_response_content (response), "Hello World!"));

           zhttp_client_destroy (&self);
           zhttp_request_destroy (&request);
           zhttp_response_destroy (&response);


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