Provided by: libzip-dev_1.5.1-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


     zip_get_name — get name of file by index


     libzip (-lzip)


     #include <zip.h>

     const char *
     zip_get_name(zip_t *archive, zip_uint64_t index, zip_flags_t flags);


     The zip_get_name() function returns the name of the file at position index in archive.  The
     name is in UTF-8 encoding unless ZIP_FL_ENC_RAW was specified (see below).

     If flags is set to ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED, the original unchanged filename is returned.  The
     returned string must not be modified or freed, and becomes invalid when archive is closed.

     Additionally, the following flags are supported:

           ZIP_FL_ENC_RAW       Return the unmodified names as it is in the ZIP archive.

           ZIP_FL_ENC_GUESS     (Default.)  Guess the encoding of the name in the ZIP archive and
                                convert it to UTF-8, if necessary.

           ZIP_FL_ENC_STRICT    Follow the ZIP specification and expect CP-437 encoded names in
                                the ZIP archive (except if they are explicitly marked as UTF-8).
                                Convert it to UTF-8.
     Note: ASCII is a subset of both CP-437 and UTF-8.


     Upon successful completion, a pointer to the name is returned.  Otherwise, NULL and the
     error code in archive is set to indicate the error.


     zip_get_name() fails if:

     [ZIP_ER_DELETED]   index refers to a file that has been deleted (see zip_delete(3)).

     [ZIP_ER_INVAL]     index is not a valid file index in archive, or index points to an added
                        file and ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED is set.

     [ZIP_ER_MEMORY]    Required memory could not be allocated.


     libzip(3), zip_name_locate(3)


     zip_get_name() was added in libzip 0.6.  In libzip 0.10 the type of index was changed from
     int to zip_uint64_t.  In libzip 0.11 the type of flags was changed from int to zip_flags_t.


     Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>