Provided by: libzip-dev_1.5.1-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


     zip_source — zip data source structure


     libzip (-lzip)


     #include <zip.h>

     zip_source_t *zs;


     A struct zip_source is a data source used by libzip(3) for adding or replacing file contents
     for a file in a zip archive.  If the source supports seeking, it can also be used to open
     zip archives from.  It is created by calling one of zip_source_buffer(3),
     zip_source_buffer_create(3), zip_source_file(3), zip_source_file_create(3),
     zip_source_filep(3), zip_source_filep_create(3), zip_source_function(3),
     zip_source_function_create(3), or zip_source_zip(3).  zip_source_t is reference counted, and
     created with a reference count of 1.  zip_open_from_source(3), zip_file_add(3), and
     zip_file_replace(3) will decrement the reference count of the zip_source_t when they are
     done using it, so zip_source_free(3) only needs to be called when these functions return an
     error.  Use zip_source_keep(3) to increase the reference count, for example if you need the
     source after zip_close(3).


     libzip(3), zip_source_buffer(3), zip_source_file(3), zip_source_filep(3),
     zip_source_free(3), zip_source_function(3), zip_source_zip(3)


     Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>