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       automx_script - automx script backend configuration parameters


       The  automx_sript(5)  man  page  specifies  all parameters that control access from within
       automx to a script backend.


       result_attrs (default: none)
              Specifies a list of one or more variables. The output of the external  script  will
              assign  values  to  these  variables. Results will be assigned in the same order as
              variables have been listed:

                 result_attrs = server, email, auth, socket

          automx_script(5) does not check if the number  of  values  returned  matches  the  ones
          expected.  Too  many  return  values  will  be discarded. If the script returns too few
          automx_script(5) will use the corresponding result attribute name.

       script (default: none)
              Specifies the absolute path to the script  which  should  be  run  by  the  backend
              automx_script(5) backend:

                 script = /usr/local/bin/ "%s"

       separator (default: whitespace)
              Specifies the character that separates values returned by the external script:

                 separator = ,


       Christian Roessner <>
              Wrote the program.

       Michael Menge
              Wrote and contributed this backend.

       Patrick Ben Koetter <>
              Wrote the documentation.


       automx(8), automx.conf(5), automx_ldap(5), automx_script(5), automx_sql(5), automx-test(1)


       This document has been placed in the public domain.

                                            02/08/2013                           AUTOMX_SCRIPT(5)