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       automx_sql - automx SQL backend configuration parameters


       The automx_sql(5) man page specifies all parameters that control access from within automx
       to a SQL backend.


       host (default: none)
              Specifies one or more SQL servers separated by commas.  Each  server  specification
              must  provide database driver, username and password to access a database on a host
              as shown in the following example:

                 host = driver://username:password@hostname/database

                 Subsequent servers to the first serve only for fallback purposes, i.e. a  server
                 to the right will only be queried if the server left to it cannot be reached. If
                 a server can be reached no further attempts will be made regardless if the query
                 returned a result or not.

       query (default: none)
              Specifies  the  query  that  should be sent to the database specified with the host
                 query = SELECT displayname, mailaddr FROM mail WHERE mailaddr='%s';

                 See the section called “Macros and Variables” in automx.conf(5) for  a  list  of
                 available query macros.

       result_attrs (default: none)
              Specifies the attributes whose values should be used in an automx account setup:
                 result_attrs = displayname, mailaddr


       Christian Roessner <>
              Wrote the program.

       Patrick Ben Koetter <>
              Wrote the documentation.


       automx(8), automx.conf(5), automx_ldap(5), automx_script(5), automx_sql(5), automx-test(1)


       This document has been placed in the public domain.

                                            02/08/2013                              AUTOMX_SQL(5)