Provided by: fizmo-console_0.7.13-2_amd64 bug


       fizmo-console - bare-bone console implementation of the fizmo Z-Maschine Interpreter.


       fizmo-console [ options ] storyfile


       fizmo-console  is  a  frontend  for  the  fizmo Z-Machine interpreter—“Fimzo interprets Z-
       machine opcodes”—which uses only the basic console output and input methods. It  will  run
       most  of  the  interactive  fiction  games aka text adventures written by Infocom or other
       games which are based on  the  Z-Machine—currently  all  versions  except  version  6  are


       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit.

       -ll, --line-length
              Will  set  the  line  length for the current screen. This will enable word-wrapping
              using the defined screen size.

       -dh, --disable-hyphenation
              Disable word hyphenation. Useful for languages other than the supported ones.

       -ai, --autosave-inputfile
              Restore game from this file.

       -ao, --autosave-outputfile
              Save to this file after single command.


   ITF  The InfoTaskForce
       All the people who worked on the Z-Machine Specification,  in  alphabetical  order:  Chris
       Tham,  David Beazley, David Fillmore, George Janczuk, Graham Nelson, Mark Howell, Matthias
       Pfaller, Mike Threepoint, Paul David  Doherty,  Peter  Lisle,  Russell  Hoare  and  Stefan
       Jokisch.  See for more information.

   The Frotz authors
       When  I  really  got stuck I peeked into the frotz source. Thanks to Stefan Jokisch, Galen
       Hazelwood and David Griffith.

   Mark Howell
       For the pix2gif code which is used in libdrilbo to parse the infocom .mg1 image files.

   People helping with bug fixes, extensions, packaging, translations and more
       in alphabetical order: Andrew Plotkin, B. Watson, Michael Baltes, David Batchelder,  David
       Leverton,  Eric  Forgeot,  Jared  Reisinger,  irb,  Lewis  Gentry,  Michael  Dunlap, Mikko
       Torvinen, Nikos  Chantziaras,  Patrick  Matthäi,  Samuel  Verschelde,  Stephen  Gutknecht,
       Zachary Kline and the people at MacPorts.


       fizmo-ncursesw(6), fizmo-sdl2(6), frotz(6), xzip(6), jzip(6), inform(1)


       Fizmo was written in 2005–2017 by Christoph Ender.


       Fizmo  is  in beta stage and will probably still have some bugs.  If you stumble upon one,
       please send an e-mail to