Provided by: lix_0.9.24-1build2_amd64 bug


       lix - Puzzle game inspired by Lemmings


       Lix  is  a  single,  or  networked  multiplayer  game like Lemmings. You control the small
       creatures and have to guide them to the exit.

       lix -h or -? or --help     print this help and exit
       -v or --version        print version of Lix and exit
       --allegro-version      print version of Allegro DLLs and exit
       -w                     run windowed at 640x480
       --resol=800x600        run windowed at the given resolution
       --fullscreen           use software fullscreen mode (good Alt+Tab)
       --hardfull=1600x900    use hardware fullscreen at given resolution
       --image level.txt      export all given levels as images
       --verify replay.txt    verify all given replays for solvability
       --verify replaydir     verify all replays in all given directories
       --coverage replaydir   like --verify, then print levels without proof
       level.txt              play the given level
       replay.txt             load the included level, watch the replay
       --pointed-to repl.txt  load the pointed-to level, watch the replay
       level.txt replay.txt   load the given level, watch the given replay