Provided by: osmose-emulator_1.4-2_amd64 bug


       osmose-emulator  -  is for Master System and Game Gear consoles with excellent performance
       and compatibility in emulated games.


       osmose-emulator [description] [command] [keyboard] [author]


       A multi-machine emulator for platforms of Sega consoles (Master System and Game Gear)  and
       compatible for all games.

       Simulates  hardware  extremely  accurately  which  ensures  that  these  classic games are
       represented exactly like they were on the real systems.

       Osmose Emulator has a clean graphical user interface based on QT and  a  simplified  setup
       process, and supports ROM archives in the SMS and GG formats.


       Basic emulator command.

       Ctrl+O - Find the directory where is located the roms.

       Ctrl+R - Reset the game.

       Ctrl+F - Leaves the full screen mode and to return in window mode, press again.


       Basic movement and action command. To enter configuration mode, button Ctrl + C.

       Control P1: (Standard Mode)

       KEY                      ACTION
       Pad1 UP                  up arrow

       Pad1 DOWN                down arrow

       Pad1 LEFT                left arrow

       Pad1 RIGHT               right arrow

       Pad1 Button A            press letter Z

       Pad1 Button B            press letter X

       PAUSE/SELECT             press letter P

       START (GameGear)         press letter S


       Many  thanks  to  Vedder  Bruno,  the  original author of Osmose Emulator and continued by
       Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao].

       This manual page was written by Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a  coringao],  for  the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).