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       pekka-kana-2  -  (Pekka  Kana 2) is an oldschool 2D platformer where you control a rooster
       called Pekka.
       Your mission is to save Pekka's chicken friends from an evil crow.


       == Rooster Island 1 ==
       Pekka is a rooster that lives in a farm in far away land called Finland.
       Pekka's job at the farm is to guard a henhouse full of (surprise!) chickens.
       Everything goes nice and peacefully, until one night...

       Something terrible happens: Someone steals all the chickens!
       And that someone is a wicked and crooked minded crow called "The Evil One" (a  one  spooky
       Now, Pekka has to save all the stolen chickens and bring them back.
       And yes, to kick one ugly crow butt from here to infinity...

       But  it  won't  be  easy! The Evil One (friends call him Evil) has a horrible mind-bending
       device that he uses to control his army of hypnotized animals.
       They are also victims of The Evil One, but as long as Evil One has  them,  they  are  your

       == Rooster Island 2 ==
       The plot thickens! After saving the chickens it becomes obvious why The Evil One kidnapped
       Pekka's friends in the first place.
       Chicken brains are for some reason immune to The Evil One's mind bending device!
       Pekka also finds out (with his tiny brains) that Evil One has also been experimenting with
       strange voodoo magics and gene manipulation.
       But  that's not all! Rumours tell, that The Evil One is finishing prototypes of a new kind
       of world domination weapon.
       It is called "The Metal Hen"! Together these horrifying robots are capable of launching  a
       world wide mind-bending wave, that even the chickens can not escape!
       Once  again  you  must stop The Evil One from taking over the world! And if you thought it
       was difficult last time - now it really gets ugly...
       Oh, and did I mention - he kidnapped your friends again. Isn't he just evil?


       GAME'S GOAL
       The game consists of episodes and episodes consists of levels.
       To complete an episode you must complete all the levels by finding an exit in each one  of
       Sometimes  there  is  a time limit that you must not exceed. There are no lives so you can
       try as many times as you want.
       Each level has its own hiscore and best lap time. After each level your score  is  counted
       to see if you played better than the last time.
       The  more  bonuses you collect and the more enemies you knock out, the higher score you'll
       You also get extra bonuses for remaining energy, items and time.  Each  level's  score  is
       added to your total score.
       To become a new episode champion, you must break the episode's hiscore.
       You  can  save  your  game  anytime  you  like, but only your total score and your current
       position on the map will be stored.

       You can use keyboard or gamepad to move Pekka. In menus you can also use mouse to  control
       the cursor.
       Here's a list of things Pekka can do.

       Game Controls                                Default for Keyboard
       =============                                ====================
       Run Left / Right                             Arrows Left / Right
       Jump                                         Up-arrow
       Duck                                         Down-arrow
       Doodle Attack                                Right Shift
       Egg Attack                                   Right Ctrl
       Walk                                         Right Alt
       Use Item                                     Space
       Show Main Menu                               ESC
       Pass Out                                     DELETE
       Show framerate                               INSERT

       You can change the controls in Controls Menu.
       More details on the complete manual can be found at the link:


       Developer: Janne Kivilahti from Piste Gamez

       Ported to SDL by Samuli Tuomola

       Translated and ported to SDL2 by Danilo Lemos

       This  manual  page  was  written by Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao], for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).