Provided by: robotfindskitten_2.7182818.701-1build1_amd64 bug


       robotfindskitten - help robot find kitten


       robotfindskitten [ -nnumber ] [ -sseed ]


       In  this game, you are robot (#).  Your job is to find kitten. This task is complicated by
       the existence of various things which are not kitten (collectively  known  as  Non  Kitten
       Items  or  NKIs).  Robot must touch items to determine if they are kitten or not. The game
       ends when robot finds kitten.

       You can move robot with the arrow keys, the EMACS keys (^N, ^P, ^B and ^F  for  down,  up,
       left  and  right),  the  keypad  keys  (all  8  directions),  and  the nethack keys (all 8
       directions; hjklyubn is left, down, up, right,  up-left,  up-right,  down-left  and  down-

       You  can  press  Ctrl-L  at  any time to redraw the screen. You can press q at any time to
       quit.  A good old-fashioned Ctrl-C quits too.


       You can optionally specify the number of Non Kitten Items to use with the -s  option.  The
       default is 20.

       You  can  set the random-number seed, normally initialized from the system clock, with the
       -t option.  This may be useful for debugging.


       robotfindskitten(6)  reads   all   of   the   files   in   the   ~/.robotfindskitten   and
       /usr/share/games/robotfindskitten   directories.  Each  line  of  each  file  becomes  the
       description of a Non Kitten Item.


       robotfindskitten(6) uses the HOME environment variable  to  find  the  ~/.robotfindskitten


       The  exit status is 0 if robot found kitten; 1 if you quit or there was a problem; and the
       signal number if robotfindskitten(6) exits gracefully due to a signal.


       Written by Alexey Toptygin <> based on sources by Leonard  Richardson
       and others.

                                         October 11, 2005                     ROBOTFINDSKITTEN(6)